Did you know that Magda’s money demon kept her in fear? Magda’s name fictitious her story real. She did not have financial peace of mind. Even though Magda had received a $2 million dollar inheritance and fully paid condo from the estate of a deceased relative.

She was always in fear that money would run out.

Magda drove around in a beat old VW, that was in shop, at least once a month for a repair. And she would not even consider buying a newer car. Because she feared that money would run out.

Magda, chose to hold onto her money demon. In fact, her money demon gave her an emotional gain. Control. But while paying the price in personal happiness.

As an Investor Coach, my challenge is to help my clients disarm those behaviors that can derail them from achieving their financial goals.  To find out more about my coaching and investor education visit SmartPlanFinancial/Mind-over-money-group-workshop.

Purpose for Money Webinar Series

Episode 101: Mental Toughness & Purpose 

Jim Hogan, mental toughness coach and I discuss the relationship between having purpose and mental toughness.

Episode 102: Philanthropic Goals & Purpose

Sarah Siedentopf, of the Law offices of Sarah Siedentopf and I discuss why setting a foundation needs to have a purpose. Sarah shares two foundations that have different purposes and strategies.

Episode 103: Emotional Intelligence & Blindspots

Jim Hogan and I discuss the relationship of emotional intelligence and blindspots.

Episode 104: Money & Happiness

Chris Butsch, author of ” The Millennial’s Guide to making Happiness” and I discuss the old adage money can’t buy happiness.

Robroy Wiley

Robroy Wiley, Investor Coach SmartPlan Financial.com

Robroy, Investor Coach also known as, ‘Defeater of Money Demons’ in some social circles, knows that success is achieved not by default but by design.

That money should be seen as a tool to help us achieve our goals and dreams. That old expression, ” Money can’t buy happiness” rings true even today. Robroy’s own family legacy has had to reset how they think about money and wealth.
A family, whose history of money and wealth dates back to the Gilded Age. Where past generations squandered and nurtured the wealth legacy that had been entrusted to them. Robroy was exposed to the good and bad sides of wealth.

He is the Founder of StoryWill. StoryWill which celebrates life, purpose, and legacy allows for a person to share their story.
Please feel free to email robroy@smartplaninvesting.com

Robroy Wiley – who has written posts on Financial Communicator.