Episode 105 – Purpose for Money

Subject – Is the American Dream dead?

In this episode Jim Hogan and I dissect the question,  “Is the American Dream dead?” In today’s world, 56% of all venture capital is done here in the United States. 2015 was the highest year for amount of start ups. So, is the American Dream just being redefined? Is it no longer the cookie cutter image that was portrayed Post World War II?


  1. Difference in perception
  2. What is the difference between motivation & inspiration?
  3. How is the American Dream being redefined?

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To Know Me…Like Me…and Trust Me I am a passionate teacher, coach, trainer, author and public speaker. My 17 years in the mortgage business, which relies heavily on high-trust referrals, has given me a unique perspective and helps my clients recognize how simple it is to grow revenues through a predictable flow of high-trust, high-value referrals. I help build Strategic Referral Marketing plans and teach the tactical skills to successfully implement that plan.

You will quickly come to understand that referral marketing success goes beyond attending networking event after networking event, handing out business cards and delivering your elevator speech. I am a member the British American Business Group (Board of Directors since since 2008), which is one of the largest and most active bi-lateral chambers of commerce in Atlanta and a great group of people who know how to network.

This organization has had a major influence on international networking in and around Atlanta for many years. Early in 2011, I became a published author after my study of Improv with the Blank Stage in Marietta, Georgia. A collaborative effort, “Improv to Improve Your Business; Using the Principles of Improvisation to Foster Communication, Creativity & Innovation.” I continue to study Improv at Dad’s Garage in Atlanta and enjoy speaking on business communication, creativity and innovation to business groups throughout Atlanta.

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Robroy Wiley

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Robroy, Investor Coach also known as, ‘Defeater of Money Demons’ in some social circles, knows that success is achieved not by default but by design.

That money should be seen as a tool to help us achieve our goals and dreams. That old expression, ” Money can’t buy happiness” rings true even today. Robroy’s own family legacy has had to reset how they think about money and wealth.
A family, whose history of money and wealth dates back to the Gilded Age. Where past generations squandered and nurtured the wealth legacy that had been entrusted to them. Robroy was exposed to the good and bad sides of wealth.

He is the Founder of StoryWill. StoryWill which celebrates life, purpose, and legacy allows for a person to share their story.
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Robroy Wiley – who has written posts on Financial Communicator.